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At Feel Good Fit, our mission is to enhance the quality of life for individuals with autism, other neurodivergent conditions, seniors, and their families. We also support those suffering from severe anxiety and depression through movement and fitness. Neurodivergence knows no age limit, and neither do we. We serve individuals of all ages.

Serving Neurodivergent Adults

Feel Good Fit also supports neurodivergent adults with the same effective protocols we use for younger athletes. Our customized programs are designed to meet individual needs, regardless of age.
Parents and caregivers, please note that everything on our website for children applies equally to neurodivergent adults. Independent neurodivergent adults are also welcome to benefit from our facilities and programs.

Managing Anxiety, Depression, and Trauma

Adults often encounter anxiety, depression, and trauma from life experiences. Traditional treatments can be ineffective, as experienced by one of our athletes who struggled with severe depression despite trying various therapies.

At Feel Good Fit, we use movement protocols to tackle these issues. Exercise activates muscles that trigger specific somatic responses, allowing us to manage their effects. Unlike passive traditional methods, our active approach effectively addresses these challenges.

Managing Somatic Errors

Somatic errors are central to many neurodivergent conditions. At Feel Good Fit, we manage these errors with specialized fitness and movement protocols.

By combining elements of nutrition, psychology, neuroscience, and other fields, our approach equips our clients and their parents with the skills, techniques, and insights needed to live fuller, more satisfying lives.

Unleashing Potential

You know your child can achieve more, and so do we. Parents and neurodivergent adults understand their true capabilities.

Traditional approaches often treat neurodivergent conditions as disorders to be fixed. At Divergent Fitness, we focus on unlocking and nurturing each individual’s potential.We strive to harness these capabilities while fostering further skill development.

Understanding Somatic Errors

Somatic errors occur when there’s a disconnect between the body’s sensory inputs and the brain’s anticipated outcomes. This gap can lead to inaccurate predictions and challenges in processing information, particularly in individuals with neurodivergent conditions.

For instance, a young child learns about hot objects through sensory experience. Touching something hot provides feedback to the brain, which then stores this information to modify future behavior in similar situations.

However, individuals with neurodivergent conditions often experience challenges in this communication process between body and brain. They may process a vast amount of sensory information, overwhelming the brain’s ability to make accurate predictions. This perspective contrasts with typical processing, where expectations guide perception (“top-down”), rather than being heavily influenced by sensory inputs (“bottom-up”).

The Impact of Somatic Errors

Somatic errors can lead to discomfort and difficulty taking action due to uncertainty and fear of potential outcomes, especially in neurodivergent individuals.

Consider the everyday sensory overload most people experience. When processing information “from the top down,” individuals prioritize specific inputs rather than trying to handle everything simultaneously.

For instance, as you read this page, you likely focus on the text and relevant details, filtering out distractions. This focused approach contrasts with how neurodivergent individuals often perceive and process information – attempting to manage all inputs simultaneously, which can overwhelm their ability to focus, prioritize, and anticipate outcomes in similar situations.

Fitness Programs

Personal & Group Training

Our training programs are designed to be both fun and engaging. Team Workouts will be comprised of groups of 2 - 4. Personal One on One Training to push your Limits in our super tone workout is an advanced system that focuses on getting you to peak conditioning. Fundamentals of Boxing to enjoy a high intensity, action packed session for Full Body Workout and more.

Elite Training Facility

Elite Training Facility

Premium equipment including, Smith and Free Weight Bench Press, Squats, Agility Training Sled with Turf, Pull-Up Frame and Bar, Adjustable Training Benches, Treadmills, Cable Rows and Pull downs, Kettle-bells, Barbells, Dumbbells, Spin Bikes, Punching Bags, Dip Tower, Leg Raise and Pull up, Leg Press, Accessories, Vending Machine, Change Room, Washrooms, Showers.

About The Trainers

About The Trainers

The best trainer for you is the one who will make sure you achieve your goals while having fun. You can get in touch with any of us at FGF Fitness. You can also stop by our location for a free consultation, so we can then match you with one of our trainers based on your fitness and health objectives. We will demonstrate what to do, how to do it, and why you should for the best results.

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