Naturopathic & Nutritional Services

Exploring the Neurological Effects of Nutrition

The way our bodies absorb and process macronutrients from food has a significant impact on our nervous system and how we respond to our environment. This course offers a fresh perspective compared to conventional methods that focus on calorie counting, carbohydrate intake, and portion control.

Balancing Hormones

Many individuals grappling with weight issues often contend with hormonal imbalances. Whether it’s estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, insulin, thyroid, or adrenal hormones, each plays a critical role in managing healthy weight. Deficiencies or excesses of these hormones can impede progress in weight loss endeavors.

Factors Affecting Weight Loss

  • Heavy Metal Toxicity: Environmental toxins are widespread today, affecting our air, water, and soil. Heavy metals, detected through hair analysis, disrupt enzymes and hormones, and contribute to nutrient deficiencies, hindering weight loss.
  • Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies: Common among dieters, deficiencies in zinc, selenium, iron, calcium, and magnesium slow metabolism and disrupt hormone synthesis, contributing to fatigue. Hair mineral analysis helps identify and address these deficiencies.
  • Digestive Health: Issues like constipation, bloating, and food sensitivities (e.g., gluten, eggs, dairy) indicate poor digestion. A Food Sensitivity Test can pinpoint triggers, reduce inflammation, and stabilize hormones for better weight management.
  • Stress: Chronic stress elevates cortisol levels, leading to weight gain. Effective stress management techniques are essential for sustained weight loss success.
  • Mental/Emotional State: Addressing emotional eating through self-love and healthier habits is crucial for sustained weight loss and overall well-being. Supporting mental health transforms motivation and behaviors related to eating.

Fitness Programs

Personal & Group Training

Our training programs are designed to be both fun and engaging. Team Workouts will be comprised of groups of 2 - 4. Personal One on One Training to push your Limits in our super tone workout is an advanced system that focuses on getting you to peak conditioning. Fundamentals of Boxing to enjoy a high intensity, action packed session for Full Body Workout and more.

Elite Training Facility

Elite Training Facility

Premium equipment including, Smith and Free Weight Bench Press, Squats, Agility Training Sled with Turf, Pull-Up Frame and Bar, Adjustable Training Benches, Treadmills, Cable Rows and Pull downs, Kettle-bells, Barbells, Dumbbells, Spin Bikes, Punching Bags, Dip Tower, Leg Raise and Pull up, Leg Press, Accessories, Vending Machine, Change Room, Washrooms, Showers.

About The Trainers

About The Trainers

The best trainer for you is the one who will make sure you achieve your goals while having fun. You can get in touch with any of us at FGF Fitness. You can also stop by our location for a free consultation, so we can then match you with one of our trainers based on your fitness and health objectives. We will demonstrate what to do, how to do it, and why you should for the best results.

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