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Personal 1 on 1 Training

Whether your goal is to elevate your overall fitness, gain strength, drop body fat, increase lean muscle or simply move better, our personal training program is the absolute fastest way to get there.

It allows you to benefit from the expertise, accountability, and motivation that comes with having your own coach.

In addition to targeted workouts our personal training program also includes personalized nutrition, fitness testing, progress monitoring, as well as access to our online training platform.

Group Training

Team Workouts will be comprised of groups of 2 – 4. Everybody needs a distinct exercise regimen. Get one that is customized for you to maximize the benefits and cardio and strength exercises. No matter your age or level of physical fitness, everybody can have fun and get with with our group training programs.

Boxing for Adults and Kids (ages 5+)

We offer classes for kids, teens and adults from every fitness level. Our Boxing Workout Is unmatched. It will get you in great shape, allow you to release stress and frustration and ultimately help you grow in confidence.

At Feel Good Fit you will get the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of boxing and movement in our boxing fitness training program. The program will physically and mentally push your boundaries, often pushing yourself further than you thought you were capable of going.


Our Yoga sessions are held at our High Performance Studio in Vaughan and incorporate alignment, strength, and flexibility while laying a solid foundation in conventional yoga!

A number of physical postures, yoga poses, and breathing exercises are included in the FGF yoga class. These postures are practised more slowly, requiring longer position holds. For beginners or seasoned practitioners looking for a deeper, more soothing yoga experience, FGF Yoga is a terrific place to start.

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Elite Training Facility

Elite Training Facility

Premium equipment including, Smith and Free Weight Bench Press and Squats, Agility Training Sled with Turf, Pull-Up Frame and Bar, Adjustable Training Benches, Treadmills, Cable Rows and Pull downs, Kettle-bells, Barbells, Dumbbells, Spin Bikes, Punching Bags, Dip Tower, Leg Raise and Pull up, Leg Press, Accessories, Vending Machine, Change Room, Washrooms and Showers.

About The Trainers

About The Trainers

The best trainer for you is the one who will make sure you achieve your goals while having fun. You can get in touch with any of us at FGF Fitness. You can also stop by our location for a free consultation, so we can then match you with one of our trainers based on your fitness and health objectives. We will demonstrate for you what to do, how to do it, and why you should for the best results.

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